Nov 27th
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10 Personal changes to reduce your CO2 impact
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TOPIC: 10 Personal changes to reduce your CO2 impact

09 Feb 2008 15:25 10 Personal changes to reduce your CO2 impact #2533

  • be green
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Published by Derek Williamson October 26th, 2007 in The future.

A quick list of 10 things you could do to reduce your impact:

1. Change your mind, until you really believe this is important you won’t consider big changes. I suggest you visit or read some of the following;
For a good basic global warming summary with extensive links to sources try here. Use the links to visit the Stern report and Intergovernmental panel on Climate change. Google “Gaia theory”, “carbon footprint” calculate your footprint at bigfoot.
2. Write a list of what climate change will mean for you and your family, make this very cumbersome issue personal. Think about - home, lifestyle, dollars and cents, beaches, where your food comes from, where your clothes come from, the things you like doing.
3. Make a list of things you might already have done in response to climate change.
4. Now that your are convinced and its personal make a list of the next five things you could still do in your home/life, light globes, transport and travel, water heating, air conditioning…….
5. Do those five things.
6. Write a letter to someone important, politician, business leader, newspaper, tell them what you have done and ask them to do more as well.
7. Make a list of 5 people who listen to you.
8. Talk/email those five people and tell them what you have done and ask them to do more.
9. Leave a comment here at Free Radicals explaining what you have done.
10. Go to some wild (ish) place and spend some time, this will a) be a nice time, b) encourage/reward your efforts and c) possibly be the last time you can (doom and gloom)
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16 Feb 2008 14:52 Re:10 Personal changes to reduce your CO2 impact #2571

  • pipabrooke
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Did you know your energy habits at home can have huge consequences around the world? Luckily, saving energy is as good for the environment as it is for our pocketbooks.

Pledge to conserve precious natural resources so that ALL people can enjoy their benefits

A third of the world's people live without electricity and its power to promote health, education, livelihoods, and human dignity.

These 1.7 billion people are forced to either use dirty diesel generated power, or live without electricity, lights, irrigation possibilities and connections to the outside world.

Be part of the solution!

Take the Pure Waste Challenge and pledge to:

1. Change 25 percent of the bulbs in your house or apartment to compact florescent lightbulbs (CFLs).
2. Learn about the benefits of tankless water heaters and seriously consider converting to a tankless water heater when your current water heater wears out.
3. Reduce the amount of time your car idles, including before driving and when not moving for a period of time.

Thank you for learning about alternatives that will reduce global warming in 2008. For the Earth,

Fight Global Warming AND Help Poor People Worldwide - Take the Pledge
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