Nov 24th
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Electricity Price Rise
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TOPIC: Electricity Price Rise

14 Apr 2011 21:50 Electricity Price Rise #6909

We all know that the cost of electricity has skyrocketed! The independent Queensland Competition Authority has today announced that it proposes to increase Queensland regulated electricity prices by 5.83 per cent from 1 July 2011.

"The QCA estimated its 2011 price increase could have been just 2.92 per cent in line with the consumer price index," he said.

"Unfortunately, it had to revise this up to 5.83 per cent after factoring in the impact of the Federal Government's RET which takes effect nationally from 1 January 2011.

For a household that uses around the average 7,880kwh per year, the proposed increase is an additional $26 on the average quarterly bill of $440 or about 28 cents per day.

What can you do to save a few $$$? - AT HOME

So you want to find out how much power you're wasting at home so you can start saving?

Book a $50 ClimateSmart Home Service now for a time that suits you:

It may help you save hundreds on your power bills.

The Service includes:

Ÿ A wireless power monitor
Ÿ Up to 15 power saving light globes
Ÿ Where suitable, a water and energy efficient showerhead
Ÿ A household power assessment by qualified electrician
Contact :


Ÿ Make the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs where you can.
Ÿ Ensure air conditioning and lights are turned off overnight.
Ÿ Turn off equipment and lights when not in use - not using it turn it off!
Ÿ Power boards with on/off switches make it easier to turn off groups of machines, lights, computers, etc.
Ÿ Keep your equipment in good working order and you will save on power consumption.
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