Oct 20th
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Eco News
Eco News
Organic Champagne Hair Rinse PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Holistic Beauty

woman-flowers-228x94px.jpgThis is an old French secret for making hair shiny, silky, and healthy. If you have light-colored hair, it brings out the golden lights. It will not dry or damage the tresses. A great way to repurpose leftover celebration organic champagne!

Ageless Blueberry Mask PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Holistic Beauty

The Powerful BlueberriesWe all want to be ageless. Did you know that blueberries are excellent collagen promoters? Skin collagen helps reduce wrinkling.

A yummy organic blueberry facial mask recipe to treat your skin using one of the super foods for youthful skin. Tasty as a snack, breakfast smoothie and add to your baking too!
Banana Smoothie For The Face PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Holistic Beauty

bananas_on_head_xs.jpgA home made organic banana smoothie recipe for part of your holistic facial regime.  Bananas have fruit acids that help slough off dead skin, energizing the complexion and makes the face feel great!
Plus a soothing face mask and great when you have bananas around the home.

Avocado Face Mask PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Holistic Beauty

avacados_225px.jpgA homemade face mask recipe, made from organic avocado, honey, egg white, yogurt and lemon juice to add to your regular holistic facial regime for smooth and firmer skin.

Any left over mask can also be used on hands, feet, back, elbows, knees and any other rough spots or problem areas that need pampering.


Apple + Honey Mask PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Holistic Beauty

fresh_honey_250px.jpgAn easy home-made beauty mask recipe for normal skin from apples, honey and sage.

Honey is the queen of skin care ingredients and has been used for thousands of years. Honey is a natural humectant, that moisturizes and leaves even tired skin incredibly smooth.

Apples are good for the skin because of their natural fruit acids, which help remove old skin cells, plus they contain Vitamin A, iron and calcium.




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