Nov 27th
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Eco News
Eco News
Kinder + Gentler Grass-Fed Beef PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Organic Gardening & Eating

Cow-in-pasture-283pxThere is no national definition of what qualifies as grass-fed. Grass-fed beef (as the name would suggest) comes from cattle that are raised on pasture and eat green grass for their entire life. Further, grass-fed beef is not given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Grass-fed beef is very high in vitamins A, B12 and E, omega-3 fats, beta carotene, zinc and the potent immune system enhancer CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid). But don't confuse "organic" with grass-fed, since many organically raised cows are still fed organic corn, which you don't want. However, most grass-fed cows are raised organically.


Spring Activities + Craft PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Eco Arts Crafts & Activities

Girl-Wind-Farm_283pxBelow are some craft + Spring activity ideas that are sure to earn Mother Nature's blessing-or at least be fun for your kids! Actions speak louder than words so to really impress upon your children your commitment to the environment and get outside and get green this spring, organize your own Earth Day event or pledge to do something more Eco-friendly.

Grow a "Green"er Lawn - Pesticide Free Zone PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Organic Gardening & Eating

lawn_mower_xs.jpgChemical lawn pesticides and fertilizers put the health of your children, pets, local wildlife and environment at risk.

With dedication and some work, you can have a lawn that is green—both in color and in being Eco-friendly, will leave your neighbors green with envy, and will be safe for your children, pets and local wildlife.

Party Theme - Archaeology Party PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Eco Arts Crafts & Activities

thierry-xmas-crane-280px.jpgCalling all little diggers to come exploring with archaeologist .......    Have all games set up and ready to go before the party. Learn how to tie some knots in ropes as all archeologists need to know this skill.  

Might include a visit to a museum. 


Runny Nose Tea PDF Print E-mail
Eco News - Herbal & Natural Remedies
herbal_tea_camomile_250x184pxColds respond quickly to a warm cup of this mildly soothing herb tea blend. It's also a good blend for those vague aches and pains and nervous worries that kids get.

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Eco Quote

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan 1964

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