Nov 29th
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Eco News Arts Crafts & Activities Birthday Rhythm + Songs + Blessings
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Eco News
birthday_tunes_280pxA collection of  beautiful birthday tunes and blessings, to help celebrate the birth of our precious eco children + a collection of Steiner-inspired tunes for the small child's birthday party routine and activities...


When I have said my evening prayer,
And my clothes are folded on the chair,
And Mother switches off the light,
I'll still be (4) years old tonight.

But, by the very break of day,
Before the children rise and play,
Before the greenness turns to gold,
Tomorrow, I'll be (5) years old.

(5) candles on my cake
(5) kisses when I wake.

We've made a cake for my birthday tea, With beautiful candles : one, two, three. Mother gives each candle light, Now three candles shining bright. Puff them out with one big blow? Ready, steady, here we go! Phhh! (and make a wish)

In heaven shines a golden star,
An angel led me from afar,
From Heaven high under to earth,
and brought me to my house of birth.

Welcome, welcome lovely day
With flowers bright and sunshine gay,
With painted birds that sing their song
And make me kind and good and strong.

Someone's birthday is coming soon,
Someone who is in this room,
Our (Thierry) will be (three) years old,
Shining with (his) heart of gold

The stars were shining when for his birth,
A little child came down to earth;
Angels do help him both day and night,
To fill his heart with love and light;
(Three) special candles we do prepare,
To shine upon, his birthday fair.

Happy birthday dear (Thierry),
We sing now to you.
Happy birthday dear (Thierry),
May your wishes come true

We wish you a happy birthday
A joyful and celebrated birthday
To our dear friend Thierry
May he have a long, long happy life

I love you..You love me, We are a happy family, With a great big hug, And a kiss from me to you, Won't you say you love me too!


Dear candle, dear candle, Please share your light. Dear candle, dear candle, Make us all bright.

Fairies of the candle flame, Gaily dance and gaily sing, Warm our hearts with light and joy While we to you our candle bring.


Wash, wash, wash your hands Wash them in the tub Wash, wash, wash, wash Rub-a-dub a dub

Dry, dry, dry your hands Dry them on a towel Left one, right one Now they're both done

CLEANING (table etc)

I met a dusty little gnome He said it's time to clean my home Round, round, round Swish, swish, swish Clean my home


Baking (handing out the dough)

Rolling, rolling ball of dough Round and round the table we go Rolling, rolling ball of dough All the way to (...child's name)

continue all around the table


Roll them, cut them, nice and neat, Put them on a baking sheet, Bake them, count them 1-2-3 Serve them to my friends with tea

WASHING THE DISHES (a great party activity, young children love to help and imitate, fill a deep stainless steel baking tray with sudsy warm water + another deep tray with clean water)

Sing a song of washing up Water hot as hot Cups and saucers, plates and spoons Dishes such a lot! Work the dish cloth round and round Wash them clean and clean Polish with a dry white cloth How busy we have been


Earth, who gives to us this food, Sun, who makes it ripe and good, Dear earth, dear sun by you we live, And loving thanks to you we give,

Blessings on our party food and peace to all on Earth (last line spoken)


Pick it up pack it up, Put it all away, Now it's time for Thierry's birthday story, Play another day

Little hands come together to make a 'boat' as the story song is sung...

Mother of the Fairy-tale, Take me by your silver hand, Sail me in your silver boat, Sail me silently a float, Mother of the Fairy-tale, Take me to your shining land.

Ready for the birthday story... followed by all the guest's sharing their birthday gift for Thierry - a special song each chosen especially for the birthday boy.

CIRCLE DANCE (move to the left, towards the heart)

Come to the circle where dreams are found, Take my hand, we'll dance a-round Ha-la Ha-la Ha-la Ha-la Ha-lo, Round and round and round we go

Ring a ring a roses

A pocket full of posies A-tishoo, A-tishoo We all fall down

The cows are in the meadow Eating buttercup, A-tishoo, A-tishoo We all jump up

The King has sent his daughter To fetch a pail of water A-tishoo, A-tishoo We all fall down

The wedding bells are ringing The girls and boys are singing A-tishoo, A-tishoo We all jump up

I found a four leaf clover Our little dance is over A-tishoo, A-tishoo We all fall down

When all the cows were sleeping And the sun had gone to bed Up jumps the scarecrow And this is what he said..

Chorus: I'm a dingle dangle scarecrow With a flippy, floppy hat: I can shake my hands like this And shake my feet like that

When all the hens were roosting And the moon behind a cloud Up jumped the scarecrow and shouted very loud


When dogs were in their kennels And pigeons in their loft Up jumped the scarecrow and whispered very soft


Sally go 'round the sun Sally go 'round the moon Sally go 'round the chimney pots on a Saturday afternoon

Here we go loopy loo Here we go loopy light Here we go loopy loo All on a saturday night

Put your hands up in the air Put your hand down on your nose Put your hands up in the air Now bend down and touch your toes Everyone turn around Now let's all jump up and down

Put your right hand in the air Put your right hand on your lips Put your left hand in the air Now put both hands on your hips Everybody turn around Now let's all jump up and down Tip-toe quietly to your seat Don't let anyone hear your feet Put your hands down in your lap Bow your head and take a nap


Our play is done, it's time to say 'goodbye', until another day We now must go to our sweet homes Goodbye, goodbye, it's time to go home.

The decorated party bags (brown paper bags) with the baked gingerbread cookies are given to each child as a thank-you for attending. If you are exchanging gifts, now is a good time to do it as each child is giving and receiving.





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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan 1964

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