Nov 24th
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Aussie Politics

Aussie Politics

The Gillard Government certainly isn't inspiring confidence on climate change. The Cash for Clunkers scheme is as bad at the former pink batts. It takes $394 million away from existing climate change programs, including the solar flagships program and renewable energy bonus, to offer anyone with an old car $2000 to buy an "energy-efficient" new car. Except, it turns out, the definition of an energy-efficient new car extends to just about every new car, including gas-guzzling 4WDs. As The Age pointed out: "On Labor's estimate, its policy will cost $394 per tonne of emissions abated. Environment Victoria claims that under a basic emissions trading scheme, it would cost just $20 to save a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions." We've had reviews by the IPCC, the Garnaut Report, the UK's Stern Report... why on earth do we need another year-long gathering to investigate climate change? It's unlikely the conclusions of 150 "ordinary citizens" will change their mind. And if those ordinary citizens contradict the conclusions of 97 per cent of climate scientists, does that mean those scientists are wrong? Of course not. It's pure nonsense. The Citizens' Assembly if a transparent delaying tactic to avoid real action (as Tony Abbott would say) on climate change. Interesting times ahead.
Created on: Wednesday, 15 September 2010
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