Nov 29th
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Green energy
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Green energy
Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Wind turbines have historically been limited to rural areas. However, this is about to change as vertical axis wind turbines are being introduced for residential areas. Vertical axis wind turbines look more like an egg whisk than a windmill, the main benefit being that they are unaffected by wind direction so are better suited for urban areas. Residential turbines can be installed on the roof or tower and feed energy into the building through an inverter. Urban Green Energy is about to introduce the vertical axis wind turbines into Australia to provide another renewable energy option for the home.

The small vertical access turbine ‘eddy’ which has been created for home or office use, starts turning in 8 mile per hour winds. It is 4′6” wide by 5′3” tall. Unlike horizontal axis wind turbines no mechanism is needed to turn the wind turbine towards the wind meaning better performance in areas where a tall tower isn’t feasible, obstacles are nearby or the wind is more turbulent. Therefore they are better suited for harvesting air flow found around buildings and other obstacles, situations more common in areas where people live. They are also quiet.

For more information check out the Urban Green Energy website.


Thursday, 24 November 2011 by editor
Date: Wednesday 14 December

Time: 9am to 11:30am (doors open at 8:30am)

Telephone: 02 9223 7388


Price: $25

Venue: Sydney Town Hall

Address: 483 George Street, Sydney 2000

SAVE is all about how we can live more sustainably and be better off financially.

Our Summit will help you to save $1000 or more next year by saving energy and cutting waste and pollution through simple actions – in your home, your transport, your food and your shopping.

Our amazing speakers, entertainers, expert demonstrations and your take home SAVE Action Plan will empower you to lead change, live change and SAVE change.


Bernie Hobbs, ABC TV and radio presenter

Kim McKay AO, co-author of the True Green books


Katie Noonan, 4x Aria winner, 6x platinum selling singer

Melinda Schneider, 6x Golden Guitar winner


– how the power of individual action transforms society

Our guest speakers -

Noni Hazlehurst, award-winning actor

Helen Dalley, award-winning TV journalist (panel chair)

Samah Hadid, Youth Ambassador to the United Nations

Layne Beachley, 7x world surfing champion

Caroline Bayliss, Australian director of The Climate Group

Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women Founder


Mary Robinson (via video link), first female president of Ireland, founder of Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice, a voice for women in the developing world.


The Sustainable Feast cooking demonstration and recipes with Julie Goodwin, Australia's first Master Chef

Green your wardrobe and SAVE with leading expert on sustainable fashion, Bronwyn Darlington

DIY veggie gardens, worm farms and Green It Yourself guide with Lish Fejer, the Queen of Green


You'll leave inspired, challenged and armed with your action plan to SAVE $1000 or more per year by saving energy and cutting waste and pollution.


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Please consider supporting our efforts with a small donation between $5 to $10. Corporations can request a sponsorship package.


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