Nov 28th
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DIY/Recycle RePurposing/Upcycling Tires Can be Fun
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DIY Projects
tire-swing-350px.jpgWant to do your bit for sustainabilty and have some fun creating useful crafty ideas - Re-purposing tires can get your creative juices happening.

Tires are one of the most difficult items to recycle today. But a solution is needed. Millions of tires are dumped yearly at landfill sites or illegal deposits.



Finding a new use for recycled tires helps the environment and it’s an easy way to make a tree swing or sandbox or tunnels for your backyard for hours of fun. Another idea for recycled material in which EcoBiters may be interested is quite simple, costs nothing, anyone can make it and most people have occasional use for it. We are referring to rubber bands (loops) cut out of old car or truck tire tubes and looped together to the length required.

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports,  300 million scrap tires are generated annually in the US. This tires-stockpile-372px.jpgis approximately one tire per person per year that is discarded...amazing statistics

Tires are now considered one of the largest and most problematic sources of waste, mostly due to the massive volume produced and their amazing durability when it comes to breaking down in landfills. It is these same characteristics which make waste tires such a problem, also make them one of the most re-used waste materials as the rubber is very resilient and versatile and can be reused in other products.

With the environmental hazards of stockpiling tires such as fire and carbon emissions along with landfills minimizing their acceptance of tires, many new and innovative uses have been created. With the support of Government innitatives, growing markets now exist for a majority of scrap tires produced every year.

Examples of tire recycling include playgrounds, horse arenas, landscaping and more. The tires they use would otherwise end up in a landfill. Special processes have been developed, chopping the rubber into small pieces and the metal removed. The end product is called crumb rubber (or ground rubber).

tire-swing-horses-350px.jpgThe resulting products can also be used for mulch or used to create a wide array of molded products like mats and wheel stops from a variety of sizes and grades of the material created.

Ground rubber is recognized as the safest play surface on the market. At a depth of 6 inches (150mm), ground rubber provides the most shock absorption in playgrounds available on the market today - twice as safe as other materials such as tan-bark, sand, pebbles, etc.

Rubber has the unique ability to reduce injuries due to falls from a critical height of over 12 feet (3 metres). Eggs can be dropped from this distance and bounce without breaking.

While the upfront cost of recycled rubber may be a little more than other surfaces, ground rubber only needs to be installed once. No annual upgrading or replacement is required so the cost over time is much less than the alternatives. Another positive factor is that ground rubber only requires a maximum of 6 inches (150mm) in depth, versus 12 inches (300mm) for the wood mulch. As a result, less material and preparation is required.

Recycled tires can also be used to create an ideal mulch. Not only does the mulch prevent tires from ending up in a landfill, but the mulch lasts for years - much longer than the alternatives. The rubber is typically colored giving it a natural look. Tires are also often recycled for use on basketball courts and new shoe products.

What does this chap know that we don't know?

Recycyling in Africa has been happening for over a hundred years. Impoverished countries have to be tire-thongs-230px.jpginnovative, not only are they cash poor, but resource lacking.

We may learn a lot about recycling from Africans in the future and we hope the excecs at Nike may shudder with horror how these thongs made from discarded tires will last a lifetime of active service, compared with the overpriced sweat shop produced shoes on the market today.

Make Your own Tire Sandals

DIY Rubber Bands (Loops/Straps)

One idea for recycled material in which Eco Biters may be interested is quite simple, costs nothing, anyone can make it and most people have occasional use for it.

We are referring to rubber bands (loops) cut out of old car or truck tire tubes and looped together to the length required.

They may be used as ties on car roof-racks and roof bars and on trailers in place of octupus straps. Rubber bands have an advantage over rope in that they will maintain constant flexible pressure instead of loosening (as ropes do).

Commercial octupus straps are rather weak and could cause acidents with their metal hooks flying around if accidently released or broken.

The strength of rubber tie straps is determined by their width and whether you take them from car or truck tubes. Each loop representing a link can become a terminal with any unused length lightly tensioned back to any protruding bar or frame.

There are many uses for rubber straps, including - tying unweildly loads, such as camping gear, or even down to a single fishing rod.

Any tire workshop has tons of tire tubes to give away.

Re-use tires in your garden, for garden edging, plant containers, even make several tires into a compost bin.

Garden Ponds
Made from large earth mover tires, an economical and attractive addition to your yard.
Tree Guards
Truck tire sidewalls laid flat around trees and other garden ornaments make easy mowing and weed control.
Livestock Tanks and Feeders
Economical tanks and feeders that are easy to maintain.

DIY Tire Swing

Recycle an old tire and make a simple vertical or horizontal apparatus for hours of outdoor fun.

Nothing is more reminiscent of old-fashioned, backyard fun than a tire swing. Children love the swinging motion and being outdoors is the healthiest entertainment.

Here are two types of simple tire swings, vertical or horizontal. The vertical is more suitable for a solitary swinger, while the horizontal allows more than one child to swing.

Choose Tree for Swing
The tree you choose should have a horizontal branch at least 10 feet above the ground and at least 8-inches in diameter. Be certain that the tree is healthy. Don’t choose a tree that appears to be losing many large branches. The branch you choose does not have to be perfectly horizontal because a tire swing hangs from just one spot on the branch – as opposed to a wooden swing, in which ropes hang from two spots.

Prepare the Tire
Recycled tires are available at local garages. A neighborhood service station may even give you the tire free. Tractor and truck tires make the best swings, due to their larger size. Use a rot-proof nylon rope to hang the tire from a sturdy limb on a hardwood tree such as oak or ash rather than a softer-limbed evergreen. Or, in a playground, check that the tire swing is hung from chains securely bolted to an overhead support with no obstacles within swinging distance.

For a vertical tire swing, you will need enough rope to reach the distance from the tree to the swing, pluLight truck tires work well, but bigger, heavy truck tires used on semis can cause harm. Avoid steel-belted radials, which can pose cutting hazards.

Pad the ground beneath the swing with wood chips, bark or recycled-tire rubber tiles.

Easy Vertical Tire Swing
For a vertical tire swing, drill one or two drain holes at the bottom, so rainwater does not collect. Use a ladder to reach the branch and tie the rope to the branch with a square knot. You may also attach the rope to a sock, with a ball inside, and throw it over the branch. You can tie a slipknot and pull both ends until it reaches the top of the branch. (With this method, you will have a double rope). The easiest way to attach the rope is by simply tying the knot around the tire, at the top of the tire (opposite the drain holes). Alternatively, drill holes through the middle of the tire and push the rope through the holes. Tie a bowline knot at the top of the tire.

Simple Horizontal Tire Swing
For a horizontal tire swing, you will need three sections of rope that are long enough to reach from swing tire-swing-350px.jpgto branch and also allow for tying knots. Tie the three sections of rope to the tree with a square knot. Then tie the three together in an overhand knot, at least two feet above the tire swing. Be certain to center the knot, so the tire swing is level. An even better method for securing the three ropes, is to bind with wire. Wrap the wire around the three ropes and around the end of the wire, about 10 to 12 times and then twist both ends together securely.

Drill about three drain holes in the bottom of the tire. Then, drill three holes, equidistant, and from top to bottom of the tire. Thread the ropes through the drilled holes and through a washer and then tie a secure knot.

A simple DIY  Tire Swing
What do you need

A clean old tire (wash it!)
A piece of rubber hose

Cut the rope to the desired length. Measure from the branch to the height you want the swing to be, and add a little extra for knots.

Enter the rope into the hose, making sure the hose will rest on top of the branch to protect the branch and your rope.

Drill a big hole at the bottom of the tire so the rain can drip away ...

Throw the rope over the branch placing the rubber hose on top of the branch and tie it up. Leave some space open.

tires-playground-350px.jpgGet someone to hold the tire at the desired height (or something) and tie the other end of the rope to your tire.

Check the capacity of your swing. A thicker branch, closer to the trunk, can support the most weight.

Add a sandbox to the kids play area

What do you need:
A big tire (the bigger the better?)

Get started
Just put a washed & clean tire on its side where you want the sandbox to be, put cardboard cover on the bottom of the tire (inside the tire, big enough to cover the hole) and fill with sand. It's that easy.
If you want to make it a bit more attractive you can first paint the tire.

Make a tunnel in your children's play area, from several large tires, paint if desired.

Use several different size tires as part of an obstacle course.

For elaborate and amusing handcrafted tire swings in a variety of shapes including airplanes and kangaroos, Abundant Earth

Giddy-Up Swings 'n Things
A tire horse swing crafted from a recycled tire

Recycled tire flooring can be found at Yemm & Hart and Dodge-Regupol

Despite the many misconceptions associated with old tires, they remain to be one of the few recycled products that actually work better than what was conventionally used. Learn more about all the exciting markets for this material including colored rubber landscape mulch, equestrian arena rubber footing, playground safety surfaces, rubber lumber products (benches, picnic tables, trash cans guards, borders), mulch tree rings, athletic field soil amendments and topdressing and recycled tire promotional products (Jar Openers, Portfolios, 3-Ring Binder Covers, Key rings).

Recycled Tire Mats sold in stores through the 50s and 60s as "Easy to Roll 'n' Clean" welcome mats! Although retailers switched to more stylish, less durable doormats, the Recycled Tire Entry Mat still outcleans and outlasts any other entryway product, period! Geetire

Recycled tire mulch

Recycled re-tire mouse mats, coasters, pens and more

Recycled Tire Rubber and Hemp Satchel Bag

Wallets, bags, and planners are made from reclaimed inner tubes, a high-quality industrial rubber.
Mostly they use truck tubes. They also incorporate car, motorcycle, and bicycle tube into some products.
All of the rubber is post-consumer waste.

Urban BoomerangAustralian company offering bags made from reused rubber tubes.

Recycled Tire MatsUSA company making safety non-slip rubber mats from machine shredded lengths of car tyres.

It used to be a tire, now it is a funky artful container for your potted flowers. This can bring beauty to your backyard while, giving beauty to the planet by keeping one lousy tire out of the landfill just a little bit longer. Looks great!


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