Nov 23rd
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Tips Did You Know
Did you know?
What pots and pans? PDF Print E-mail

Avoid Teflon coated or non stick pots and pans as these coatings contain chemicals such as PFOA, linked to birth defects in animals.

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Dark Sky Week PDF Print E-mail

Do you get to see the stars where you live? Created in 2003 by high-school student Jennifer Barlow, IDSW (International Dark Sky Week) has grown to become a worldwide event and a key component of Global Astronomy Month. The goals of IDSW are to appreciate the beauty of the night sky and to raise awareness of how poor-quality lighting creates light pollution.

Odd laws PDF Print E-mail

Laws and humour, relating to many aspects of living around the world. Can't vouch for authenticity - just for a laugh for us Nerd's ...

In Russia 10% of the government's income comes from the sale of vodka.

In Ohio (USA) it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

In Israel, bicycles may not be ridden without a license.

Dream job? PDF Print E-mail

Everyone has a dream job in mind, but rarely do any of us get a chance to live as an ice cream tester. John Harrison, the official taste-tester for Dreyer’s Ice Cream, has his tongue insured for $1,000,000.

Honey Doesn’t Spoil PDF Print E-mail

HONEY is the only known food source that keeps indefinitely in its raw form!

In fact, Archaeologist T.M. Davies discovered a 3,300-year-old jar of honey in an Egyptian tomb. To his amazement, the honey was in remarkably good condition. For centuries, honey was the primary sweetener throughout the world. Egyptian tomb reliefs from the third century B.C. show workers collecting honey from hives. Chinese manuscripts from the same period contain poems and songs praising honey and its many uses. For the ancient Chinese royal families, honey and larvae were consumed as rare delicacies.

Why is sugar so bad? PDF Print E-mail

Check The Underground Wellness Show short version of Robert Lustig's "Sugar: The Bitter Truth". It's 10 minutes long but worth every second.


The Dirty Dozen 2013 PDF Print E-mail

The produce on the following list has been identified as the most heavily pesticide ridden ...

To help promote the health of the planet as well as our own health, it's best to buy organic whenever possible, especially for expecting mummies and childhood. This is the list we should all choose to seek organic ....

Roundup PDF Print E-mail

A shocking new study finds that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, "...may be the most biologically disruptive chemical in our environment," capable of contributing to a wide range of fatal human diseases.


Food Fact PDF Print E-mail
Ginger is an herb that is anti-inflammatory and offers pain relief and stomach-settling properties. Fresh ginger works well steeped in boiling water as a tea, or grated into fresh vegetable juice.
Nuts about Coconut! The Power of Coconut Oil .... PDF Print E-mail

coconut-split-250px.jpgWe LOVE organic coconut oil. This nut may fall close to the tree but its powers reach far beyond the sand. Baking, cooking, smoothies, treats, moisturizing, hair conditioner, bubble bath, toothpaste, deodorant, sensory /play-dough, ingesting by the spoonful, feeding to our pets including the chooks, oil pulling, hair tamer, nappy rash, cradle cap, bug bites, cuts and stings, teething relief, nits, ear troubles, bruises, hang nails, allergies/hay-fever, ringworm, burns, shaving gel, sweet cravings, body cleanse.  Smear it, cook with it, eat it ... there’s almost nothing it can’t do. Helps fight wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and weight loss too! We're talking rich, raw, pure virgin coconut oil - the godly grease that seems to be the hottest thing to drop lately. We have had a love affair with coconuts for many years and know the wonder of nature!!

The Stuff Nuggets are Made Of PDF Print E-mail

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s what all fast-food chicken is made of – things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in the stores is made from it.

Basically, the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve — bones, eyes, guts, and all.

There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.

Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile PDF Print E-mail

Jerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, was cultivating GMO corn,(Roundup Ready and BT) and fed this corn to his pigs. Result: his sows became infertile, and then after one year he went bankrupt. See the video

Texas Vaccine Warfare! PDF Print E-mail

The weaponization of vaccines just took another leap forward in America with the recent air-dropping of rabies vaccines by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Using a battery of small planes based out of Del Rio, Texas recently dropped 1.8 million edible vaccine packets over 7,700 square miles of rural Texas.

The packets contain edible rabies vaccines dipped in fish oil and coated with fish meal to entice foxes and coyotes to eat them. Once consumed, the animal is "vaccinated" against rabies, researchers claim.

Dr. Oz PDF Print E-mail

"Let me suggest a piece of friendly advice. Skip the Dr. Oz Show. While he seems to be a really nice guy and does give out good information once in awhile (and has had some good guests on in the past like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Kaayla Daniel), when it comes to listening to him for consistently correct health information, his advice does nothing but confuse and ultimately harm his viewers.
He is obviously trying to please both the health community and his Big Food, Big Pharma sponsors by sitting on the fence. A tough spot to be in to keep your job, so make sure your health isn’t a casualty of this back and forth battle." Quote by SARAH POPE, The Healthy Home Economist  

Lemon Wonder PDF Print E-mail

 Lemons are invaluable for cleaning aorund the home and for internal + external use. Mixed with honey the juice will ease a red raw lemon_slices_246px.jpgthroat: mixed with raw milk it livens the dullest complexion, when applied directly to the skin.

Acne Treatment ... After washing the face to remove oils, pat the face with lemon juice three times a day.

Blood Purifier ... Drink the juice of one lemon in a cup of warm water each morning. (Lemon juice should not be consumed if you have an ulcer).

Blue eyes PDF Print E-mail

The origin of blue eyes was traced for the first time in 2008, by a group of researchers from Copenhagen University who claimed that just one person is responsible for the blue coloured eyes of million people living on the planet.

Read more that this research here:



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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan 1964

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