Nov 29th
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healthy_planet_icon_105x98The Healthy Planet Playcircle - Townsville Queensland Australia is a Steiner inspired creative environment and provides a non-hurried home-like environment where children can feel safe, play and are free to be children.

It is recognised that the child lives in a world of continuous activity and when meeting a new experience, responds with digesting it through re-enactment. Each child has these forces in abundance and needs a healthy environment so they themselves may become strong and healthy self-directed forces in maturity.

The Healthy Planet Playcircle - Townsville Queensland Australia - We are a community of families who have come together to create a natural and nurturing playgroup.  

An example of our 'Rhythm of the Day':

10.00am - Arrival time and settling-in. Indoor creative free play for the children.

Activities for the parents might include fruit preparation, crafts and work projects, sanding, washing aprons, etc.

Our first and second term planned activity is baking. This may be biscuits, muffins, damper or bread. We will wash hands to a hand-washing song. The children will have aprons and be able to roll, scoop, pour and stir.

11.00am - Shared fruit (organic). A self service herbal tea for the parents. Outdoor play (sandpit/water play).

11.30am - Tidy-up.

11.45am - Story + seasonal tunes and rhymes.

Noon - Goodbye circle.

Currently, our playgroup meets on Tuesday mornings.


Latest news: 

Playgroup Diary

May 2006 CLICK HERE   l   June 2006 CLICK HERE   l   July 2006 CLICK HERE   l   August 2006 CLICK HERE  

Sept 2006 CLICK HERE   l  Oct 2006 CLICK HERE   l   Nov/Dec 2006 CLICK HERE l


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Contact Details:

Phone Lyn on 4728 1344 or go to the 'Contact Us' page and send your details and Lyn will contact you.


Healthy Planet Playgroup is affiliated with Playgroup Queensland -  Healthy Planet Playgroup was feature Playgroup for the month of May.


Please consider supporting our efforts with a small donation between $5 to $10. Corporations can request a sponsorship package.


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