Nov 26th
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Wed 03 May

Lyn and Thierry, Leanne, Grace and Cait arrive at 8.30AM to set up for arrival at 9.30AM, the children place a piece of organic fruit in the bowl to share for morning tea and then settle into unstructured creative play, with all the play things being made of natural materials.

We make the 'sea' of blue silk, surrounded by sea-shells, basket ducks, wool felt animals, gumnuts and seed pods. A little house is created with wooden frames and cloths adorned with more cloths and wooden pegs. Then the dolls corner with cloth and felt babies are sleeping in the wooden cradle and the hammock. Next is the 'kitchen', where true masterpieces are created with a small wooden chopping board, rolling pin, wooden egg cups and wooden eggs.

The tea table - set up with fresh flowers and cups, saucers, tea pots and jugs, freshly prepared camomile tea and pure water. Scrub the rocks with the wooden nail brush and a  space for work with timber offcuts and little sanding blocks. Perhaps a timber block fence is made to keep the timber animals in. The favourite old rocking horse and hobby horse to ride, or fill the barrow up with leaves or pull along the whale and of course 'dress up' with cloths and the wool felt gnome hats.

Our nature table is decorated with Autumn leaves that we collected and wool felt gnomes and toadstool, fruit from our garden to take home and the modelling beeswax sit amongst the fresh flowers and plants.

10.15AM we wash hands to a hand washing song and the children don their aprons. We create Autumn apple muffins, the children stir, scoop and pour, ready to take home to share with Daddy.

10.30AM After the fruit blessing we share the platter of beautiful prepared fruit. We water the wheat grass sprout pots and take them home to care for and to eat.

11.00AM We sing a tidy-up tune and we all pack away.

11.15 AM Allison tells the story - A toadstool in my garden using wool felt toys and simple props, followed by seasonal tunes and Goodbye circle. We collect our cooking and go home.

Wed 10 May

A special day today as we celebrate Mothers Day and Ella's birthday.

We make lavender bags and Mother's Day Macaroons. Our cooking is prepared with lots of Love and always, all organic products and NO sugar.

We celebrate Ella's birthday after a birthday blessing with a beautiful small mini watermelon with three candles and we all have fresh coconut water straight from the young coconut with a straw (Click here to see our photo gallery).  Welcome to Ella's Grandmother from New Zealand who joins us.

Wed 17 May

Today we bake grated beetroot, zuccini and apple and organic dried apricots and quinoa Pat-A-Cake. Iced with banana, carob powder, arrowroot and coconut oil, YUM!

We picked lemons from the bush lemon tree in the garden, Leanne bought some beautiful Pomelos to take home from their new organic farm at Mutarnee.

We had two very special familes visit us - Joanna and Damien, International visitors who attend a Steiner Group in Luxembourg and Zara and Dylan from a cattle property near Mt Isa.

Wed 24 May


How lovely to hear little Grace arrive and ask "what are we cooking, today?" Tahini cookies, as always created with lots of love and all organic and bio-dynamic  ingredients - millet flakes, ground almonds,apricots, sultanas, dates, pepitas,orange juice, egg and tahini. We have had a lot of inquiry this week. Our aim when starting Healthy Planet Playcircle was to start with a Steiner Inspired Parent and Toddler Group (Playgroup) and expand to encorporate a Kindergarten (three to six years). We started in February 2006 with the aim of 8-10 families to join us on Wednesday mornings. We now have seven families plus today two families joined us for the first viist. We now are thinking about extra days, as there is clearly a considerable demand for what we are offering.

Wed 31 May

Today we created biscuits, the little bakers loved the sticky mix of - millet, buckwheat and brown rice flour + ground oats, grated fresh coconut, coconut milk, the lovely organic black apricots (no bright orange apricots with sulphur etc) and sultanas, eggs, chocolate sapote (picked from our garden) grated apple and carob powder.

Along with our fruit platter, Grace helped mash the avocado, and spread onto bio-dynamic Essene sprouted bread, which was enjoyed by all.

We swept the Autumn leaves.


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